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No Display Caused By Bad ATX Power Supply

By on December 5, 2013







Some days ago a customer phoned me because her PC was having a no displayproblem. For your information I had repaired her CRT Monitor (ALASKA Model: V551) some weeks ago.

When I got to her house and saw the problem, I decided to disassemble the PC, and take out the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply).

atx power supply repair

The SMPS was China made and then brand name was Great Wall with a Model of BTX-3000PFC

atx power supply repairs

Once the power supply casing was removed I saw four bulged electrolytic capacitors on the secondary side.

atx power supplies repair

These e-caps were substituted for similar ones and when the SMPS and the PC were assembled and power On, the display came back as seen from the photo below:



This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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