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Repairing your own test equipment

By on April 30, 2013
vga tester

There is no doubt that all repairers should have at least few test equipment on their workbench. Some could have even more as compare to others. Test equipment just like any electronics equipment could break down and need servicing. The best person to service or to repair the test equipment is usually yourself. I’m referring to the common test equipment and not those high end equipment.

Today I managed to repair the VGA tester that I bought from Thailand way back in the year of 2004. The control selection switches gave intermittent problem. It was quite annoying when you just have a hard time to select the mode you want. Remember yesterday post? In fact I bought the switches yesterday and fixed it today. After fixing the two switchs, the VGA tester worked very well. Besides this tester, I do fix my own multimeters. For your information i have lots of meters where they need to be serviced after used by the students.

By the way, you will also have the satisfaction feeling once your own test equipment started to work again. Below are the photos of the VGA Tester:

vga tester



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