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By on October 1, 2013

Hi Jestine,

Still having great fun fixing electronic stuff since reading your book. I’ve fixed treadmills, monitors, TVs, phone chargers…. It’s very enjoyable.


Dear Sir Jestine

Ever since I bought your e-book Testing Electronics Components it really helps me a lot for beginners repairers like me. I have been following your blogs and save almost all your monthly repair articles. Again thank you for the monthly repair articles more power to you and to Noahtech Computer Repairing and Services. Thumbs up ….. God Bless

sincerely yours
reynolds …



Hi Jestin, Superb work done by your blog/website. Even I’d not go through your book but all stuff that you presented on web is really appreciable.

Ritesham S


Hey Jestine,

You don’t know me but I just wanted to say thanks for the resource you have put together. Really it inspires me to be the best Engineer I can. Many thanks from a fellow enthusiast.


Charles M


Thanks Justine for your informative article. I should admit that since I subscribed to your articles a year ago my knowledge in matters electronics has expanded hundreds times, thanks to your selfless assistance.

Thanks in Advance.

Nuzulack D

Dausen Electronics

Mtwara, Tanzania



thanks jestine your articles help me a lot on my company, i actually applied my knowledge on repair for power supply already sent to garbage…

my boss so happy that i save dollars out of it before they just replace and throw everything, now we have and set up board repair on the company with me as spare heading the team…

thanks for the smps articles it help a lot its a quite rewarding and wonderful to see your effort have a positive improvement to individuals..




Hi jestine!

I just want to give you a word of encouragement on the good work you did by writing the ebooks  i purchased from you

I purchased two books from you entitled TROUBLESHOOTING SMPS & LCD REPAIR. These books are a must have for any practicing electronics technician’s book shelf. This knowledge in these books is from the technicians’ workbench with a wealth of knowledge and experience. One cannot get this practical information from the class room.Thank you for the bonuses as well. I would encourage anyone in this business of electronic repairs to get themselves copies. They have made my repair work much easier than i ever imagined. Keep up with the good work.

Best Regards,



Hi jestine, best wishes for this festive days and coming year.

Some good news, I recently (today) was working on a Samsung TV and located some bad Caps located on the power supply, these arrived and I replaced them and now the TV works great, thank you for your teaching.


Desmond M






I have a very good experience which i would like to share. A 21″ CTV (IC TDA 8361) came to me, the problem was white plane dim light and no picture sound ok, some rainbow type color is also seen left and right sides.

First i check the R, G. B cathode voltages and found 10v each (equal) which is very low. Then checked the Base and Emiter of Video Output transistor. I found Base 11.00, Emitter 10.40 volt,  i.e. all are fully forward biased. Then checked the RGB output pins 18,19,20 of above ic and found 10.6v which is very high (in ckt book i found it should be 2.5v). I suspected the IC because few other pins voltage were mismatching and video output transistors were ok. IC supply voltage was ok. I replace the IC but found the same result.

On careful understanding i realized that if base voltage is greater than ic pin out voltage that means high voltage is going from video output to IC not from IC to video output. Then i rechecked the vodeo output board and found all video output transistors base voltage is controlled through preset and PNP transistor. Ultimately i found that A1015(PNP) transistor was short and electrolytic capacitor connected to base was swollen. i changed both of them, then light comes but it was still unfocussed. Then i changed the CRT base then came to normal position. Now it is running ok.


Gopal S
Kulti (West Bengal)



Hi mr jestine

Thanks a lot  for the ebook that i purchase without any regret as per the knowledge inside every thing is straight forward. i believe any one happen to come across your ebook must have some basic knowledge of i understood that you are not just an electronic repair teacher but a professional.

Best Regard ,

GOD Bless.


Hi Jestine

Many thanks for your posts

I considered myself quite an able engineer having had my own shop and worked in television…then I met you.

You are doing a great job keeping our trade alive.

Very few people go down to component level yet call themselves engineers.

You are unselfish helping budding engineers and old crocs like me.

Everyone involved in our business {hobby} should buy your downlloads …… included……..especially switch mode power supplies.

All the best



Dear Jestine,

Thank you very much for this article. I keep on learning through how others solve various problems. I love the way you create your Electronics Repair World.

We just continuously and each time game experience from you and from other Members. It’s great!

Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Leon A,


i have a passion in electronic repair it started in my early childhood when my elder brother send me to take his radio to a technician for repair i watched how the technician was doing and my passion for electronics started.After my high school my father took me to persue a diploma in electronics engineering as you have said ealier i was unable to troubleshoot electronic circuits its only recently when my classmate in college introduced me to ur blog from there i bought a book on crt tv repair by kimanthi it has helped me in repairing crt tvs thanks to ur blog.I went further and bought your book on testing electronics components infact humprey kimanthi did the transaction on my behalf because i don’t have an international account.Frankly speaking ur book is so good because i din’t know how to test voltage
regulators but now i confidently know thanks to ur book.



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