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The precautions to take for an electric shock free lifestyle

By on September 30, 2013

The home is the alcove of rest and pleasure for all the people. But it takes to shape up to be the desired heaven when all around the house everything runs smoothly. The nook and corners are safe and secure with proper protection. The adequate protection lies in alarms, security arrangements etc. But another important but never taken seriously issue is electric shock free home. The electric shock can happen anywhere  and everywhere not only that it will strike when thunder or storm happens.

But if certain measures are taken in proper time then the nuisance of electric shock can be avoided permanently from the precious home, An electric shock free home can be prepared with some necessary things keeping in mind. The knowledge of security from electric shock is essential and this can come very handy always for everybody. As it’s mostly people are mostly acquainted that water is a very good conductor of electricity so it catches more quickly the energy than other things. So, precautions are to be meted out in bathrooms, tubs, basins, shower, etc.. minutely. Also, wherever there are machines which works with water or comes in contact with water such as washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, geyser needs always and absolutely check up before using them. Reading thoroughly the brochure of those machines can put one into the knowledge of which type of electricity and how much electricity is required for running those machines immaculately.

The houses are decorated mostly with rugs and carpets and the line runs under them. There is an amount of risk of electric shock because of these systems. Generally  in the stairways the railings are either brass or iron. So, if there is a faulty line under the carpeted stairway then it can lead into a major accident. A small but essential timely check up of those lines can put a stop to that huge accident forever and ever.

Also if there is a need to change bulbs for decoration or anything else then never use metal ladders such as aluminium has it will cause the most bad type of electric shock. The jostle of that shock will ring for some time and this can be avoided for sure by using wooden one. Wood works as a bad conductor of electricity so whenever there is any job for making any changes with bulbs, lights, etc. keep a wooden material handy. Another important thing while working with electricity is wearing rubber slippers. It will help the person for averting the electric shock.

Whenever there are worn out cables, sockets or broken plugs keeping them for future changes can cause immense electric shock. They should be changed immediately when noticed. Another thing is that never to poke the sockets with anything it will only cause a shock of electricity by ones  calling for it.

When one is working in bathrooms or wet areas with electricity then the tools, machines and appliances should be plugged into GFCI sockets or extensions. In this way the apparent accident from electric shock can be avoided. When working in wet areas the hands also need to be dried thoroughly so that if frayed cord is touched nothing unpleasant happens.

If a long time project work is going to take place in the home with electric cables and circuit then it’s always advisable to switch off the circuit and test all the junctions with tester to make sure that actually the supply of electricity is stopped in that particular place. No matter how busy one is it doesn’t require one to play with risk of electric shock in any way.

There are always methods and measures to be put into action to avoid unnecessary electric shocks which will bring with itself fires, accidents and whatnot. A few necessary steps from the beginning will make ones home a duly regarded place of rest and peace. There is no pride in going through an accident from the electric shock and then learning from that mistake. Take the precautions before anything amiss happens and enjoy the rest of the life without any concern of accidents. Also one doesn’t have to go through the pain of the accidents that these electric shock brings if a bit caution is kept everytime.


About the author: June Davis is Electronics Consultant in Las Vegas. She has 6+ Years of experience as Electronics Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Las Vegas. Here she is sharing his views on Electrician, Install & Repair and Electrical Contractor particular industry.



  1. Robert

    September 30, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Thanks for the article, June. Getting electrocuted is no fun.

  2. beh

    October 2, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    thanks for your article but what do you say?
    about electric shock with
    220 v AC 50Hz
    compare to yours
    110 v AC 60Hz ?


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