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Two troubles in DVD Player PARKER DVK432 repaired

By on November 3, 2013








A DVD PARKER with the following features was brought to me for a co-worker because it did not turn on:

  • DVD Player PARKER Model: DVK432.
  • Power source: 90 – 240v 50-60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 15w.
  • USB frontal port, Karaoke, etc.

When it was disarmed, first thing done was testing the output voltages on its internal DC Power Supply.



As we can see both outputs: +12v; -12v were not steady (showing only +10.40 and -10.48, so when The DC Power Supply was checked alone (out of the device), it was fine.



So, the other circuit we should review carefully was the Main Board (Logic Board) of this device, and the Diodes D3 & D4 (1N4001; plastic silicon rectifier) where in not good conditions, therefore they were replaced for similar ones and the appliance switched on then.


dvd repair

So far everything seemed to be so good but when a disk was inserted to play it, an error of “NO DISK” was shown on front display so there was another abnormal situation with this equipment. After inspecting, the conclusion was the Spindle Motor in bad state, it was replaced and the equipment survived.

dvd repairs


This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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