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USB memory trouble solved

By on December 23, 2013









Some days ago a co-worker brought to me hisUSB memory because it was having a slow and strange behavior. I opened my Explorer (Total Commander 8.01 in my particular case) and I saw a strange file in the root of this USBmemory. He told me he had already run his Anti Virus software anyway and it had not found any virus, then I told him let’s run mine, which is very well updated, and when I did it let’s see what my AV software found (Kaspersky Anti Virus in my own case).

trojan virus killtrojan virus remove

            His device had a Trojan!

Once the Trojan was eliminated of his USB memory the duty had not finished yet because his own PC had to be disinfected too. The easiest way for doing this was uninstalling his AV software, installing mine and updating the same too. Once the Trojan was eliminated from his PC the duty had really finished. All this was done with the Net wire disconnected because if the Trojan would have infected the whole Net, what a disaster then!



Now his USB memory is virus-free and he updates his Anti Virus software almost every day.

            Conclusion: It’s very important to take into consideration the following details:

  • To have Anti Virus software installed in our PC, Notebook, Netbook, etc.
  •  Update it every time we can (every day if you can). Remember how many viruses appear every day.
  • Check with your AV software any mass storage device that we plug in our PC such as: Digital Cameras, USB memories, MP3/MP4 players, external HDDs, SD Cards, etc.


This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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