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What Is Sip Module?

By on February 10, 2012








Sip Module is a small piece of electronic circuit board and is part of the board circuit. If you are repairing compact ATX power supplies I’m sure you have seen a sip module before. The sipmodule is usually located at the secondary side and it is part of the secondary side circuit. It can also be found in the primary section. By using a sip module the circuit board can be made smaller or in other word “compact”. That’s is why when you open up those branded CPU you could see small size power supplies and many of them have sip module in it. Sip module is good for the manufacturers but not to the repair technicians.


Since the power supplies are so compact there will be no room or space for troubleshooting. It will be hard to even place in the test probe. Besides, sip modules mainly using SMD components and this make it even tougher to perform the signal testing. One wrong move will cause the whole sipmodule to burn. If you are repairing normal ATX power supplies and the compact power supplies make sure you impose different charges otherwise the time spent on the compact power supplies are not worth the time.


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