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About Electronics Repair Book/Ebook

By on July 1, 2013

I like to know getting a LCD repair ebook can help me on any motherboard repair such as printers, camcorders, dvd players, desktops and laptops pc, etc?


Generally it can help but not that much because the circuitry and function of equipment mainboard is different.  There could be similarity in troubleshooting the power supply board but not the mainboard and other devices such as the laser lens assembly, heating circuit in printer/fax, disc loading mechanism and etc. The best you buy the book that is directly related to the topic you want to venture. This means if you like plasma tv repair then buy plasma tv repair book and if you like laptop repair then get a laptop repair book/ebook and etc.

From there you can get the author’s support and you will be good in that particular equipment in shorter time. In other words there is no way to buy one book and be specialized in all electronics equipment. The more focus you are on a particular equipment the better you can become pro on that equipment. Once you have become a pro in that particular equipment you then can move on to venture onto another type of equipment.



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