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Comparing Method To Solve Electronics Problem

By on April 22, 2008

Sometimes when comes to electronic troubleshooting, one need to compare with a known good similar equipment for a fast answer. It was really tough especially there is no information on the equipment you are repairing. The information i’m referring to are schematic diagrams, parts data or specification, no answer from forum member and etc. You are left in the dark and you got to think of a way to repair the equipment.

One of the best way is to compare with a known good working equipment that have the similar model and version of the electronic board. The information you need from the good equipment are the value of electronic components (it could be the set struck by lightning and many components are burnt beyond recognition), voltage on certain circuits and scope waveform on different reference point especially the output of IC pins.

If you want to compare without applying voltage to the equipment, you can use huntron tracker to do the job. When you want to compare you must know what you are doing otherwise you may end up creating more troubles than you can solved. Do it carefully and i’m sure one day you will be good in comparing boards to solve electronic repair problems!


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