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Electronic Repair Questions/Answer and Testimonials- Part 25

By on December 16, 2008

Hi Jestine,


Your repair guides are very good (especially the LCD monitor repair manual). I have read a lot of valuable tips. I bought an ESR tester. I’m not a professional repairer, it’s just a hobby for me. I like old computers and some of them i can repair. With the ESR tester i can find the capacitors with high impedance, so i can repair now the bad quality display mistakes too. It is very good.





Thank you MrYong for the excellent electronic repair information.You have
presented the information in an easy to read format backed up by very
clear photographs.. Thank you very much for the excellent electronic
presentation Mr Yong ..



Hi Jestine,

I have seen your description of how to salvage components. I just wanted to say it’s something I have been doing for years (in fact, as a little boy, my journey into electronics started that way). I liked that part about the soldering iron tip replacement! I couldn’t stop laughing from this very simple but brilliant solution!





I found a shorted diode which I found a replacement for at and then found a shorted FET (attached) cant find one online. I don’t guess you know what I could use in place of it? I spent 200 dollars for this LCD and now I cant fix it over a 2 dollar transistor.. Any ideas?




Hi D,

This part number the ampere is quite high and have some difficulty to get the replacement. The nearest i could find is K2645 but the ampere is only 9Amp. However in some cases eventhough the amp is smaller than the original it can still be use as replacement. This you have to try it out. If you have other questions please do email me again.




Hi M,


Here are your questions and answers:


How are you?

I’m fine thank you.

Could you please help me with a monitor TFT HAnns that have a white image,
Do you know if it is a lcd or a board problem?

If you got all the right voltages and some good signals to the lcd controller board then the lcd panel have problem.

Do you also know if it is possible repair lcd´s from notebooks that have
this defect, lcd´s stay white without image.

Same answer as above.



sorry,I think I’m wrong when isay “miss”,i just got to the computer after our class.when i encounter and troubleshooting a rice cooker and its not heating up and I don’t get it,can you tell me some tips how to find the cause of this,thank you.


Hi Arnold,

First check the connection of the ac cable and also check the resistance of the filament inside. It should show some ohm reading!



As you know, i have the GME esr meter but it measures only up to 2200uf cap. is there a way to find out if it measure higher than that? or should I invest in the blue esr?


Hi W,

You may test out the good result on any cap higher with the gme esr meter and make your own chart. Normally a bad cap will have higher than normal esr value.




hi jestine,


happy holidays.


first of all i just want to say thank you for keeping me posted with your newsletter.


im doing an LG flatron LCD monitor repair. The problem is no power or dead set. when i check its power supply i found that the power ic with part # TOP246 was busted. the big problem is the part # is not available on our local stores. is there any other part # or a replacement for this? pls help. thank you so much.





Hi J,
You can try TOP247 OR visit this website to order one:




Hi Mr.Yong,

I am happy to find your website and you.It has been very useful in
terms of good advice.I am an amateur hobbyist in electronics and have
found that this is a field where inventions can happen even in this
technologically advanced world.Your advice in the pdf is worth pound
per pound. I live in India so it is not possible to attend your
course, but it made me search for good teachers and have found quite a
few. As I also work for an industrial training center in VLSI field. I
know the value of proper training.I can see that your course is very
well structured.I appreciate your work, and am inspired by it.

Thanks and Regards,



Sir, thank you so much of this website, repair tips I am very appreciate, becos it help me to learn more about electronic repair. thank you again and God bless!




Hi Jestine,


im happy that i found your website on the internet, im surprise about your e-book

sine i notice that it is downloadable i did not waist more time..i decide to purchase your two e-book the electronic testing components and last is the lcd repair
you know what i did with my download e book i bring it to my friend owner of printing press and pritn it bind it like a book. from time to time during my free time a read it. im a computer engineer technician and im almost 9years in field of computer repair service when i read your e-book i got more ideas about it…and now im starting recieving repair for lcd and this about your news its great ilike it a lot thanks merry christmas to you and family encircle..


All the best to you.


Best regards,

R.P Philippines



Dear Mr.

in forum, people told me : dioda in mainboard printer HP can be changed with another else such as in Deskjet 3920, 3535, 2466, 1360. with IN 4007

but when i tried in HP F370, i have a trouble. the printer, power on. but it hang.

i think the dioda is wrong..

do you know the compatible dioda?


written in dioda is:



do you know what it means?



Hi A,
Is the diode in the power supply area? If yes then try a UF4007 instead of 1n4007.




Two years ago i bought a LeadTek WinFast TV Pro II adapter. It is very good, because i can use my monitor as a TV. (Old computers use TV as display.) The picture of the monitor is more better than my old TV-s picture. Yesterday this equipment went wrong :(((  (no picture) I checked the panel and i find one hot IC, i think this is power regulator circuit. Do you think i should this component to replace? I enclosed the picture and pointed to this IC. What is your opinion?

Sometimes it could be the load problem that cause it to become hot. Try remove the output and retest again and if it stll hot then you have to replace the components.


After a day he emailed me this:


Hi Jestine,


many thanks your answer. I removed the output and the voltage regulator is now cold. So it could be a load problem as you have said. Now i must discover the load part….


Best regards,




Hi H,


leak seeker test  for what component ? dioda? capacitor?

To find shorted component only in motherboard


leak seeker test component on pc board no need dis solder it?

If it found a shorted components you need to solder out the bad component and test it with your meters.


if for capacitor what more usefull lead seeker or cap analyser?

You can try




Hi Kirk,

Here are your questions ans answers:

Quick question about capacitor testing – since there are a variety of tests possible, how do you determine which tests to perform?

Non polarity-test with digital capacitance meter and analog meter

Electrolytic capacitor-Use ESR meter

In other words, to make sure you’ve determined if capacitor is good, do you apply all possible tests?

If you have tested it good and still suspect it then the best is direct replacement.

From what I can tell, the ohmmeter test is gross test. Capacitance test says nothing about ESR or leakage. An insulation tester says nothing about proper capacitance value. It would seem the first test should be ohmmeter to find gross failure. After that, capacitance, ESR for smaller caps, leakage for higher voltage situations? Of course some repairers say if you suspect it, replace it.

The answer is the same as the first one. However if you have the SENCORE LCD102 or LC 103, you can use that to perform all test on any types of capacitors.

Have a good day!




Hi Jestine,

I have completed all the downloads with no problems.  Just briefly going through the reports and the ebook, it certainly look practical with best illustration through quality photos.






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