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High Voltage Probe

By on September 9, 2008

high voltage probe

Some of the high voltage probe comes in only the probe form and you need to connect to your multimeter in order to read the scale. For convenience purposes you may get one that have the scale built into the high voltage probe as seen from the photo. Why do we need high voltage probe? If you are in the CRT Monitor or CRT TV repair and does not have one, you don’t know what you are missing. With the probe you could know whether you are getting the right amount of high voltage (usually 24 kvdc) or not. The TV or Monitor shutdown at what voltage-is it after 30 Kvdc or before 24 kvdc? Both problem could lead you to different circuit and you do not need to guess what circuit is giving the problem.

If you repair CRT Monitor and you saw a small display (small width), with just the probe you could easily determine at which circuit is having problem. The circuit problem could be in the B+ section or the horizontal size section. This would have eliminate the guessing game!

If the CRT getting blur after sometimes, you do not know whether is the flyback divider fault or the CRT tube itself have problem. By placing the high voltage probe on the focus wire you can easily know which one is the real culprit. Remember, our normal digital/analogue multimeter does not have the high range to test out the focus voltage (about 7 to 8 Kvdc). Although we don’t use high voltage probe all the time , it still consider a good test equipment that electronic repairers should not ignore. You may buy one from


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