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No Power In Kinwin PSU ABT-800MA1S

By on June 24, 2013

Please help me to identify a fault on Kinwin PSU ABT-800MA1S. The PSU is dead and silent with fuse good. Voltage testing:

AC input is ok

The filter capacitor is ok

The Supply voltage of power IC  (ICE2A0565Z) is hoping from 10.~ V to 11.~V. It must be 16V? So a fault is in primary side? I have tested resistors capacitors and transistos, they are ok.


If the secondary side output diodes are good then possibly the power IC or the corresponding components have problem. Make sure the power supply is connected to a load otherwise it will give inaccurate reading.

If the power supply is using optoisolator ic and TL431 IC then direct replace it and retest.



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