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Pros and Cons About Authorized Service Center

By on August 4, 2012

One of my repair friends company is an authorized service center for a famous computer company.  He told me that it was not easy to handle such jobs. There will be little off day for him and his staff as the turn around time to repair an equipment is 3 working days. In other words, if there is a long stretch of holidays, he still needs to come back and work. Commitment to excel is his priority. Currently he has about 3 to 4 repair technicians. He told me that one of the toughest things being an authorized service center is to provide the spray painting job on those scratched equipment.

His office have a special place to perform such task. After spraying the equipment's cover, he will let it dry and then he have to use plastic wrapper to wrap on the equipment. This will look new in customer eyes. Although  his job is tough, being an authorised service center guarantee him plenty of jobs. Not only that, he was given password to access many technical data/ schematics, software and etcfrom specific websites. In other words he has the first hand information for the particular brand of products.

If your company is one of the authorized service centers for a particular product, we would like to hear about your story-thanks.


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