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Stubborn Customers

By on May 8, 2013

Have you ever came across stubborn customers? A stubborn customers that would not want to:

1) accept the reasons the equipment is beyond repair

2) would not want to pay the amount you are charging them after the repair job is done (first they have agreed with the repair charge)

3) listen to your explanation and he thinks that he is better than you (the repairman).

4) accept the price you are charging and insist on you to charge them on lower price.

I have personally came across such customers but not many of them. I would like to know how do you deal with such customers?


One Comment

  1. beh

    June 3, 2013 at 3:32 pm


    yes this kind of people that they think they know every things better than specialists are every where specially in the body of the governments in this world


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