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Suggestion To Solve No Power Problem

By on July 9, 2013

Just trying to fix this power supply. Th carbon film resistor next to a diode which were both burnt I replaced the diode with the same type and the resistor with the same value . I then turn power on but no luck the fuse did not blow. Could you provide any checks that I could do . As I think capacitor has blown but not sure , there are power supply kit to buy for this board which has capacitors to replace these.


I suggest that you check all the components in the power supply. When the resistors and diode were burnt this means there could be some major short circuit. Check for shorted secondary output diodes too. If all checked to be good then you need to direct replace the power IC and retest.

Note: Although shorted primary winding in transformer is rare it could happen. The primary winding can only be checked using blue ring tester.


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