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Taking Out All the Components From Circuit Board For Testing

By on June 27, 2013

When i see someone repairing any electronic circuit board it’s always a in circuit analysis because it doesn’t make much sense to take all the components one by one and test it.


When a repairer have experience in circuit board repair the first thing they do is to understand how a particular circuit or section work first before they start to perform the repair work. They knew if they don’t understand the circuit, it will be like trying to find “nails” in the sea. They will carefully study the circuit schematic or block diagram until they could break the circuit board into few sections. Once they have understood each function of the circuit board section, chances is high they could locate the fault faster.

In order to understand the circuit one has to have good electronics background (theory) otherwise you will have a hard time to break the circuit board into few section. It also depends how complex the circuit board is. If the board is small then there is no problem in checking all the components because it don’t take much time. If the board is big with tons of components on it then it is a must to understand the circuit board first before doing the repair.

A switch mode power supply is much easier to understand than the mainboard. The reason for it , mainboard generally have more circuit section than power supplies and many of the ICs either are customized number or they come in many different functions such as the MCU, PIC, EEPROM, Flash Rom, Rom, GPU, Ram, TTL IC and etc. In  some circuit board they could have more than two similar type of ICs such as the MCU, Ram and EEprom.


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