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  • ups repair

                  This UPS came in my hands after an unsuccessful repair attempt from another technician. The symptom it showed right after powering it was no reaction at all. The front and back...

    • Posted October 16, 2015
    • 51
  • horn repair
    Small Speaker Horn Repair

                    The complaint of this small speaker horn was no sound and it was repaired by someone before. This is a pretty straight forward repair. Just remove the screws and...

    • Posted October 16, 2015
    • 5
  • water dispenser repair
    Etech Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Repaired

                  The complaint of this Etech hot and cold water dispenser was it has power and the “hot” side can work but the “cold” side was not giving out cold water....

    • Posted October 14, 2015
    • 12
  • pc cpu hot problem solve
    PC Intel D 326 cooling problem solved

                PC Intel D 326 cooling problem I got a call from a local woodworking company. They called me because one of their PC is in some case to slow and they cannot work with...

    • Posted October 14, 2015
    • 24
  • polytron led tv repair
    Polytron LED TV Repaired

                    The complaint of this Polytron LED TV was no picture and no light but there was sound. When I used a torch light to shine at the panel, i could see...

    • Posted October 12, 2015
    • 19
  • car fuse tester
    How to Make a Car Fuse Tester and A Quick Voltage Indicator

                  In the following five steps you will have a fuse tester and a quick voltage indicator for cars STEP1: What you need: 1- One neon tester for line voltage screw...

    • Posted October 12, 2015
    • 21
  • resistor for led
    Which Resistor to Use with this LED?

                    This is a very simple question, so simple that we usually don’t think too much about it and use whatever we know is working. The voltage might be 5V,...

    • Posted October 9, 2015
    • 50
  • tektronix scope repair
    Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope Repaired- Part 4

                  Here are the previous article: (Part 1) Today I opened the already completely repaired 2440 Tektronix Oscilloscope again to try and fix some of the remaining FAIL errors....

    • Posted October 9, 2015
    • 20
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