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About Equipment Plastic Cover-Beware!

By on April 30, 2013

You have to beware if you come across some old equipment. The reason for it is because you may accidentally break the cover into pieces if you are not careful enough. Some equipment already went through a prolong heat thus it will be so brittle (shatter easily) and trying to open up the equipment cover could cause the cover to break. Before fixing the equipment you already have another problem that you need so solve-what a pain.

The other day I just broke one of my customer Monitor base.  While putting the monitor on the floor in my technical department I heard a ‘crack sound’ and I told myself “Oh no not again”. The one piece support plastic was so fragile and fortunately I could glue it (with few layers of super gule) back otherwise I have to modify another monitor base for my customer.

The customer came today to take back his monitor (after repaired) and I informed him about the problem. I told him to handle the monitor with care and said some of the plastic section already brittle. He noted and carried it away.

Even in some of the old laserjet models, my partner came across the side cover could break into ‘few pieces’ and he was extremely careful whenever he is handling those equipment.

If you have faced the same problem like me I wish to hear about your experience by clicking on the comment below-thanks.


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