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An Automobile Ignition System repaired

By on January 18, 2014











An automobile Ignition System given to me because the owner (my cousin) of this vehicle could not start the engine.

The engine of hisautomobile works with gasoline as combustible and uses Ignition coil, distributor, contact (breaker) points and spark plugs, as we can see below:


car ignition repair

Let’s see the circuit board of this Ignition System:

car ignition repairing

 The circuit was not so complex thus a simple sight could detect if there is any burnt component. There were no burnt components and I have to check all the components on it using my Digital Multimeter.

First I checked all the resistors and they were good. On the next test I found one of the diodes (1N4007) was shorted when tested it on board. When I removed the diode and test it off board the diode was tested good.

Then I recalled about this website link below by Jestine Yong which I recommends to everyone:


The second diode 1N4007 was fine, and the third one 1N4148 (small signal diode) was short-circuited. I have checked the transistors too (MJE13005 and 2SD1651) and found that the 2SD1651 transistor was shorted also.

car ignition repairings


The MJE13005 transistor was tested good. Once all the components were replaced, the ignitionsystem worked perfectly good.



Humberto Rodriguez


This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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