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Becareful Of Scammers

By on June 27, 2012

One of my ERG members emailed me how he had got cheated of USD610.00 by buying LCD panels online. He sent the money using Western Union and the scammer even provides him with a false website that have tracking number. After sending the money, few days later the scammer demanded another USD610.00 for custom clearing purposes (tax). Few days later the scammer emailed him saying that he had made a mistake and asked him to pay just USD300.0 to get his stock to be released by the custom. I told my ERG member that only real custom officers could ask for the money and not the sender (scammer). How do I know this?

For your information my company is the main distributor for Asian Region for the Blue ESR and Blue Ring Tester. Whenever the stock arrive at the airport I will get a call or fax from custom department asking my company to pay the tax. And I have to pay the tax at the post office before I could get my stock. I did not pay tax to my distributor or send any additional money using Western Union (please take note on this). 

From my previous post few months ago I did mentioned about using Paypal to do online transaction. Paypal will help to investigate or hold the payment if the sender did not send their product to their customers. Not to say you can't buy things online that do not have Paypal, but you must first check or do a search on the review of the company before sending money to them. If you have been scammed before we would like to know your story.



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