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Better Quality Of EEPROM IC

By on April 30, 2013

If you encountered with an EEprom IC in an equipment where the data always corrupt then there is no point for you to keep reprogram that particular ic. The reason for it, the same EEPROM IC program may corrupt again in certain amount of time. Of course you can add a metal shield on top of the EEprom IC to prevent any static  charge from corrupting the IC but this is not a guaranteed way for a long lasting solution.

The best way is to use another brand of EEprom IC. I have seen certain EEprom ICs that do not have brand thus the quality of the IC could be a big question. Use the famous ATMEL brand of EEprom IC or any other brand that you think is good. This at least could solve the problem where the EEprom IC kept losing data.


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