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Circuitry & Schematics Interpretation

By on August 12, 2013

Thanks for your technical articles so far. Very informative & elaborated. But i am looking more in-depth into the area of  “Circuitry & Schematics Interpretation”. Just wish to seek your guidance on these issues on the improving on the skills on interpreting of circuitry during faults diagnosis and troubleshooting. I ever observed an engineer repairing a very tedious technically complicated PCB card within 1/2 a day. It is damn amazing. I am so envious!!! So pls advise me on this area!!


It takes time to fully understand how a particular equipment works and to troubleshoot it. The guy who had repaired the card could already have the knowledge of understanding that card design,where to get parts, schematics, common fault and etc thus he could repair it fast. He also could have all the repair tools and test equipment with him. There are many factors involved in solving a particular problem in electronics equipment. The first thing you need to do is to understand how your particular equipment work first. If you have the block diagram and schematic diagram would be even better. If you wish to learn how to read schematic diagram you can visit  to look for the book on this subject.



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