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Common Fault In Electronics Equipment

By on April 30, 2013

No matter what type of electronics equipment  you are repairing there will always be common fault. The common fault can be no power, no display, motor not running, intermittent color out, no high voltage, data can’t be saved, display problem, reception problem, and many more. And these common fault are our money maker. It saves time because you can directly go straight to the faulty location and replace the bad components. Usually after the replacement of components the equipment will come back to life.

Common fault does not happen just like that, it has to be troubleshoot first by you. This means you could have spent hours in locating the fault and when the same equipment and model came in for repair that has the same symptom/solutions then you can classified it as common fault.

The other day came in about 16 LCD Monitors for repair sent by one of my customers and out of 16, I can say 10 have common fault. The symptom was power blinking and the solution was to replace 3 secondary side filter capacitor (1000uf 10v). It was an easy job and I could solve the problems very fast. Another common problem for the other 6 Monitors were LVDS cable have loose connection. Reseating the cable and using a cloth tape to cover the connector (to prevent it from coming out again) was an easy job too. Of course all the repaired Monitors, I have to let it go through a burning in test before sending it back to customer.


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