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Completed Another Repair Course

By on June 23, 2012

Just completed another basic electronics repair course for 2 participants. The guy was from Johor Bahru and the lady was from India. The lady is studying signal engineering (2nd year) and on holiday now and the practical work conducted have helped her a lot. At the end of the course, the guy took out a CCD camera for me to see and he said there was no power after lightning struck. There were no burnt components on all small cards/boards and upon careful inspection I found a very small SMD fuse hiding somewhere deep in the back of the camera had an open circuit. Since I do not have the rating of the smd fuse I told him to get one from electronic store once he 's back home. I just wants to hear good news from him hoping that the camera will work again. Here are the photos taken during the course:

electronic repair course

electronic repair course

electronic repair courses

electronic repairing course


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