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Do It Yourself Computer Ebook

By on April 26, 2008

If you want to learn computer repair then check out this Ebook by Monte Russell. Here are just some of the topics covered in the Ebook:

computer repair

How to Upgrade your computer components (parts).
How to go about upgrading the different components of your computer, from the power supply to the motherboard and beyond.

How to repair different components of your computer.
Step by step instructions on what can be repaired and what has to be replaced and how to do the task. From the hard drive to memory to the power supply. What to look for when replacing a component.

How to troubleshoot your computer errors.
A list of troubleshooting techniques and individual component troubleshooting. Step by step instructions on what to look for when the computer has a problem.

A glossary of terms and what they mean to the everyday user/business person. From the basic computer to the advanced terms used everyday by ‘techs’.

Optimize your Computer.
Tips and instructions on how to make your computer faster than the day it was first turned on.

Laptops – Care and Repair.
Laptops require a different approach to repair than desktops because all the components are packed into a very small tight space. This portion of the book is all about laptop repair and care to keep it functional years after the warranty has ran out. And the rest of the book applies to laptops as well.

Backup your data.
A special section that will assist you in how to decide where to back up your data, when to back up your data, and how often to back up your data.

Anti-Virus protection
Do you have anti-virus protection? This section explains how viruses got started and what you need to do to protect one of your most valuable resources – YOUR DATA.

Disaster Recovery – Hard drive images.
All big corporations hire departments full of ‘techs’ and ‘programmers’ to protect their data and prepare for a disaster. The last thing they want is to loose business because their data is gone. You need to know how to protect your data and how to make an image of your hard drives.

How to’s section…
Over thirty different subjects covered in the how to section from creating a boot floppy to why you need to have the Windows Firewall service running when you are on the road.

Hiding your computer from hackers / thieves / criminals!
This section will assist you with setting up your router, once the router is properly configured then the criminals of the World can not see your computer. A properly configured router will keep viruses and trojans from calling ‘home’ and sending all your personal or business information to the criminals.

And many more!



  1. kannan

    August 21, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    it will very used to me

  2. Used Laptop

    December 24, 2008 at 2:35 am

    Very interseting site you have quite an update on the problems faced and a possible solution too.


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