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Electronic Repair Friends

By on April 27, 2008

Many electronic repairers that i have known do not like tough dog repairs. The reason for it was wasting precious time. Let’s take this for example, a TV came in with the problem of no power. As usual you start to tackle the fault by identifying the suspected components thinking that you could repair the fault in less than 10 minutes. But this time, it won’t side you anymore and at the end you have spent more than 2 hours and problem is yet to be solved! You are frustrated and you do not know what do anymore as you have used all your troubleshooting skills and years of experienced didn’t help you either! In order to matter worst you claimed that you are an expert but now customer is chasing over you. Pressure, pressure and lots of pressure!

This is the time where your repair friends could come in and help you out. You do not know that he may have the answer that you are looking for. He might have solved the problems long before the set came into your repair bench! A 5 minutes phone call to your repair friends can really change the situation! In some cases your repair friends may lend you the same set for you to make comparison. If you have read my previous post you would have know that comparison method can really solve lots of electronic problems!


That’s why once in a while try make a courtesy call to all your repair friends as we can’t be alone especially in this  repair fields that keep on changing in terms of circuits and components used. Sometimes i do thought of the tyre repairman where they don’t need to be constantly update the information. In electronic repair we are constantly chasing for new spare parts, schematics and etc. In other words, electronic repair is a big subject!

Okay, back to electronic repair friends, remember that whenever you see an electronic repairer, treat them nice and PLEASE don’t treat them like your enemy. The world is so big and there is no way he could take over your customers and  you got to think big! Get contact number from them and start calling them and i believe most of the electronic repairers are very friendly. You got nothing to loose when making new friend with them and who knows one day you may need help from them.

At my place here, i used to call my electronic repair friends and to check out from them to see if there is any latest news in this electronic repair field. You could be surprised that your repair friend may say “Hey Jestine, i got a contact to get parts from so and so and here is the contact number” The information you got could be priceless  to you. Start to be friendly and treat others the way you want to be treated!


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