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Fun Carnival Day!

By on November 4, 2007

Today is sunday and i just came back from my son’s school after attending the school fun carnival day to raise fund for the school project. It was a good experienced as you could see all parents from all walk of life came to make this event meaningful and have fun too! All kinds of stalls were set up to sell their things in order to raise the fund. Of course i’m involved too in one of the stalls. Guess what i’m selling?

It was balloon accessories like balloons, pumps, videos guide, books and etc. I do twist balloons too to sell it to the kids. I’m not a professional balloon twister but i’m there to help my friend’s wife who was away to oversea. My friend’s name is Sam Tee and people call him as Uncle Button. If you want to twist balloons and impress your kids and friends then check out his website at balloontwistingwithsamdotcom.

There’s lots of great food too and i’m sure i ‘ve already add few more pounds to my weight. Guess i have to cut down some because in this coming end of november and december i will be a way again for some trips (school holiday). By the way my kids and wife really had a good time together at this fabulous school fun carnival. Enjoy the photos!

fun carnival

school fun carnival

raise fund school fun carnival


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