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Hard to Find Chopper Transformer

By on April 30, 2013

Do you know that it is not easy to find spare for chopper or switch more power transformer? The reason for it is simple- they are unique and rarely have problem. There is no reason for a supplier to keep thousands of chopper transformer in their shop. They will only keep those that have high demand (chopper transformer that failed a lot due to design problem of the circuit). Chopper transformers are not like linear transformer where the voltage, amp are usually fixed and this never give headache to suppliers. The suppliers can keep those stocks because they know there is a constant demand for such transformers.

Another reason why the supplier do not keep the stock for chopper transformer is because many repairers usually will buy straight from the authorized service center or from the manufacturers. Just recently I bought a standby transformer (standby transformer is a smaller type of chopper transformer found in the power side) from Panasonic.  This transformer is for the home theatre system and it does not have power. I found the primary winding open circuited. The price is reasonable and I did not waste my time searching for the whole electronic suppliers in the city center.

If in the future you came across a bad chopper transformer in a non branded machine, chances is high you will not be able to locate the part. You can either buy over the equipment, return the set to customer or modify a new power supply board for the equipment.


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