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High End LCR Meters

By on November 8, 2007

 lcr meter

LCR stands for inductor, capacitor and resistor. Do you know that the LCR meter that we bought from our local electronic distributors was just a normal type of LCR meter? Yes although it is not that very expensive, it atleast can help us to measure and locate fault in inductors, capacitors and resistors. I only use LCR meter when i want to test coils/inductors. For testing capacitors, i use ESR meter and digital capacitance tester and to test resistors i use digital multimeter.

In the market there’s actually company that sell high end LCR meter. Those high end LCD tester have more wider range of specification in testing inductors, capacitors and resistors. So the questions is do we need one? Nope, because those tester mostly designed for manufacturers to use. In electronic repair we do not really need that “expensive” LCR meter to do the test unless you have the budget and may go ahead to order one. You may have the option to consider getting one tester that can perform a better test on inductors/coils and capacitors. The tester i’m talking about is the SENCORE LC103 Capacitor and Inductors Analyzer.

sencore lc103

For more information about high end LCR meter you may visit this website.



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