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How to Detect and Troubleshoot Computer Hardware Issues?

By on July 12, 2013

No doubt, computers have turned into an unavoidable part of our every day requirements. However, for all the positive aspects they can accomplish, they even encounter many different problems that can bother a user. If one hardware device malfunctions, it can affect the working of whole system.

It, therefore, becomes essential to detect hardware issues at an early stage, so as to avoid the need to unplug your system and take it to professionals. Obviously, it will save your time and money as well.

Reports suggest that majority of PC hardware troubles are due to negligence in maintenance, on part of operators. So, here in this article, the major point of focus will be the troubles, your system can face and basic check to be performed to ensure smooth working.

General Computer Problems and solutions

1) Slow Speed

Symptoms: Long loading time, video out of sync with audio and faulty or slow mouse movement are commonly faced problems that can be sign of either a disjointed hard drive or an over heated CPU.

Solutions: Use a reliable Cleaner to perform regular cleaning of directories, cache files, prefetched data and update software. For this, you can visit the “Start/Accessories/System Tools” options of your operating system. The process of disk fragmentation usually takes a few hours, but is worth consideration.

2) Weird Sounds and Vibrations

Symptoms: Noises like clicking, spinning or buzzing and flutters might come from damaged mechanical components or loose parts due to unfastened screws.

Solutions: Remove the case off your PC and let it run to recognize the exact problem area. It is a minor problem and can be treated by tightening screws or shifting paths of wires with in the system; depending up on the cause and type of noise.


3) RAM Failure:
Symptoms: Frequent error messages, blue screens, unplanned auto boots, random crashing and system freezing are common indicators of collapsing of RAM.

Solutions: Hardware drivers should be updated on a regular basis as it helps to supplement RAM, by increasing PC’s virtual memory. Also, one should check for bad RAM before attempting any other technique.


4) Overheating:

Symptoms: It happens in the absence of proper airflow or cooling in the room or due to excessive operation of the machinery. Under rare circumstances, a computer can catch fire.

Also, the components may some times either shut down or perform inconsistently.

Solutions: It is suggested to shift the system to a comparatively cooler, dry room or using air conditioners can also help.


5) LCD Failure:

Symptoms: If you encounter flowing strips on the screen, black screen with dull appearance, flickering or broken LCD are usually faced complaints. It can even be due to failed invertors. Since LCD is an integral part of system, these problems need immediate addressing.

Solutions: The only solution here can be replacement of you r old screen with a new one.


6) Spyware:

Symptoms: Its foremost sign is lost identity theft due to unethical access by intruders. If you discover slow processing speed, malware, viruses and undue interruptions, it is mainly because of spyware.

Solutions: Installing high grade and latest version of reliable anti virus softwares is the best solution possible. For this, you are advised to keep a back up of all your important documents.

If you still face complications, then you are left with no other option than to hire the services of professionals for an expert opinion to keep your PC performing at its peak.


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