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Inductance Meter To Check Coils

By on November 26, 2012

For small coils I do not use inductance meter instead I just use an analog meter to check for continuity. For small coils I could say it  hardly have shorted turns because it consists of less winding turns. It is also very rare to see small coil that have an open circuit. I'm not referring to the coil like the size of resistors. I'm referring to the coil that have thye size like a 100uf 50 v capacitor. 

For bigger coils, I will definitely use the blue ring tester. For your information a shorted turns in bigger coils could still show good inductance value but fail when tested with a ring tester. Due to this I do not use inductance meter to check on the coils. However, if a coil already burnt like those B+ coil in CRT monitor, I will rewind it on my own and I need the inductance meter to check on the value. A lower inductance value will reduce the boosted B+ voltage. You can always buy a stand alone inductance meter or you could just buy the RLC meter (Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance) to check on the inductance value of the coil/inductor.


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