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Is Oscilloscope Necessary In Electronic Troubleshooting?

By on April 25, 2008

For those who don’t own any oscilloscope, i strongly suggest you to get one unless you are doing the repair part time or on a very tight budget. Many signals in the electronic circuit can’t be test with multimeter and you have to use a scope to test it out. With scope it can eliminate the guessing game, speed up the repair and overall will save your troubleshooting time. Do you know that every electronic equipment have testing points? With a touch of a scope you will know what to do next!


Assuming you are expecting a squarewave at the driver output pin of h/v oscillator IC but because there was no waveform your next step would be either test the supply voltage, replace the h/v oscillator IC, check the surround components or even look for dry joints nearby the IC.

You will be losing a lot if you do not have any scope to help you in electronic troubleshooting. If you are in tight budget, try get a used scope from ebay dot com or from your local electronic suppliers.

By the way i received another testimonial for my ebook:

Thanks for your books they have helped alot. I did not know anything about electronic repair and with the help of your books i have been able to repair more than a dozen Computer Monitors and TVs. thanks alot.



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