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LCD Is More Reliable Than CRT Monitor?

By on April 11, 2008

As an electronic repairer, the thing that we do not like is the repeated repair. That’s why at the beginning one must do their job good to avoid callback from customers. Callback is a waste of time and quite often you can’t bill again to the same customers otherwise they may want to change to other repair center. Though you have already explained to them that the first fault have nothing to do with the second one, most customers seem like ignoring all this and held you to responsible and wants a free repair. The more callback means the less reliable your service is.

dell monitor

Okay back to the CRT and LCD Monitor Repair. From my observation and experienced, i noticed that the CRT Monitor have more callback than LCD Monitor no matter how fully you have check the CRT Monitor before you send back to your customer. The reason for it is quite simple-more electronic circuits and components in CRT Monitor!

lcd monitor picture

CRT Monitor consists of power supply, color, horizontal, vertical, cpu/eeprom, high voltage/flyback transformer, degausssing circuit, s-correction, yoke coils and picture tube! While LCD Monitor only consists of power supply, inverter board, Mainboard, backlights, controller board and lcd panel! CRT Monitors circuit board have lots of dry joints problem compare to LCD and the advantage of LCD Monitor is that all of the board are quite small and have less components in it.



  1. Kent

    April 11, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Jestine,

    Thanks for your good post. The CRT monitor are not reliable than the LCD Monitor i think another problem is CRT Monitor have high power consumption than the LCD Monitor.

  2. pauloandes

    October 14, 2015 at 7:01 am

    Nice job Jestine, I am From Colombia and some of the users (autocad, phtoshop..) said the image of the CRT compared to commmon LCD monitors is sharper, for example, taking a 17" CRT to a common 17" LCD, however if you are in the graphical side of users you can consider paying a li'l more for those Plasma (higher watt consumption and heat), or find some fancy ultra bright FULL-HD OLED ones.

    • Jestine Yong

      October 14, 2015 at 10:56 am

      Hi Pauloandes,

      Yes you are right. The CRT is a proven technology of producing good and sharp picture but sad that it has to give way to the LCD/LED/Plasma TV.



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