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Looking For Repair Technicians?

By on July 17, 2012

Once in a while I will get email about asking me if I could find any repair technician to work with them. Sometimes it is not easy to look for electronics repairers and if you advertise in the newspaper you may not get anyone that come for an interview. Even if they come for the interview, you may not want to hire them because of reasons that could only be understood by you. The reasons you don't hire them most probably because of 

1) Demand a too high salary

2) You don't see any motivation in them

3) Can't communicate well

4) Too demanding (don't want to work overtime, only want to work in a specific item, don't want to travel, short working hours and etc)

No matter what the reasons are, you as the employer must find more ways to find them so that if you interview more repair techs, you have a better chance to pick the most suitable one for your type of job. Besides newspaper advertisement, there is another way to locate such people ie; by posting the job vacancy in the technical colleges or institutes. Get the approval from them to place your job ad in their notice board. I believe many people will be interested to come for the interview. Mention in the ad the expected salary, working hour, job environment and etc so that this will eliminate those who are not really keen in your offer. This also means that those who come for the interview will have higher chances to get the job and this will save you tremendous amount of your time. 

Do you know how I got my first repair job as a computer repair tech back in 1991? It was through a small advertisement pasted on the notice board in my former technical institute. I went there to collect my technical certificate and while walking down the stairs I saw an advertisement about hiring fresh graduate to work in a computer firm. That's the starting point of my journey in electronics repair. 

Although the above method is a bit old to find workers as compare to finding them from internet or job provider websites, at least you got an additional channel to look for them (I meant targeted workers). If you are an emplyer and wish to share how you have got your employees we would like to heare from you-thanks.



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