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No Medicine To Cure Laziness

By on April 30, 2013


There was a teacher who told my wife “If a student is stupid I can always teach and guide him to be clever but if the student is lazy then it will be hard for me to help the student”. There is a saying “No medicine to cure laziness“. This means you can’t find any medicine that can cure your laziness. Laziness or success is always a choice but many of us tends to choose the first. Once the routine already set in they will be in deep trouble because it will be hard for them to come out from the comfort zone.

Our mind has to always have a mindset of working and making something that is benefit to our family, friends, companies and etc. Always think of a way how to improve the standard of your life, career and etc. It is not good to be stagnant. Don’t just exist and look to live longer. Life is not about how long you live, it is about how solid your life is in contributing to your family, friends, societies and etc. Always make yourself better then you were yesterday. Don’t wait for something to happen, always make things happen.

How to overcome laziness? Practice the mind and choose the right path. Alway belief in hard work that pays. Accept the facts that Money will not drop down from sky. Stop dreaming and doing nothing-you must have action-result counts! Similarly, every morning when you wake up you can choose to be happy or you can chooce to be moody-it is your choice. If you choose to be happy many things that will come across you on that day usually will be smooth. If you have chosen to be moody then the rest of the day seems like all your enemies coming after you.  You will get angry easily, no peace and comfort.

If you think what I have written have stirred your innerman then take this opportunity to change the way you think. No more laziness, no more procastination. Only feed in good and hard work and the rest of the day you will only see sunshine and no more gloomy days especially on the financial part. Rise Up, My Friend!

Jestine Yong


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