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Not A Big Problem If You Can’t………

By on April 30, 2013

….find the books on your type of repair field.

One in a while I will have question regarding if I have this or that book. I told them I have searched the entire internet and not be able to find those books title they are looking for. Books like troubleshooting on specific circuit for example “How to repair Industrial Inverter circuit or board”, “How to repair Car electronics ECU (for this particular model)” and etc. We know that sometimes there will be no author on such fields. What are we going to do? The best is to read other related electronics repair topic.

Basically all of the circuit boards contain electronic components  such as SMD, semiconductors and etc and is the arrangement of the components that makes the board different . If you understand how electronic components work then it will be easier for you to tackle the problem. If you have the schematic diagram or even block diagram (although you don’t have a book on that equipment) you will still be able to repair the circuit.

Asssuming if you know how to repair the switch mode power supply of LCD TV then please do not tell me you do not know how to repair the power supply of LCD Monitor. It just doesn’t make sense unless you really do not want to put your afford in trying to repair the LCD Monitor.  I can say troubleshooting technique in one power supply or in one main board is the same as compare to other type, make and model of equipment.

If you know how to test the waveform of the CPU crystal oscillator, check the voltage, find shorted components and etc in one mainboard there is no reason you will not be able to perform such technique on other mainboard.

Yes I do agree that certain circuit take longer time to understand it but having internet in your finger tips you will find how that particular circuit works in a very short time. Almost all type of circuit function can be found from the internet. If you do not understand what is the function of “Boost and Buck circuit” just search for it and you will find tons of information about these circuits.

You may also visit forum to ask the function of a particular circuit. You can post a photo with an arrow pointing to it and I’m sure there will be some good members that can help you out.

Conclusion-Don’t be still just because you can’t locate the book for your repair field. Use your innovative mind on how to overcome it. Once you are successful in solving these kind of problem and be able to repair your type of board, I can say that earning money from your type of repair field would be tremendous. Just before I close, I still could remember many years back, only my company could perform refurbish flyback transformer. Even the repair center also have to send the faulty flyback for us to refurbish. I can say that during that time I have made quite a big profit just because I have spent my time in solving one particular problem that many repairers can’t do. It is as simple as that. Hope this post could be a help to you.

Jestine Yong


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