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Open Primary Winding In Switch Mode Transformer

By on May 2, 2013

SMPS transformer is one of the hardest parts to find in the market. They are uniquely designed and you just can’t walk into any electronics shop and ask for replacement. Unless if the equipment has a common fault (which is the bad SMPS transformer) then only the suppliers may store them.  Keeping many different SMPS transformer will make the supplier to lose money because the percentage rate for SMPS transformer to go bad is not as high as compare to other components like capacitors, diodes and transistors.

The only choice you have is to try locate from websites. Some don’t sell a single transformer. This means you have to buy the whole board. Another way is to modify an external power supply but then again it depends on how complicated the original power supply is. If it is a standby power supply then yes you can easily modify one. For the main power supply, it takes lots of time to do it because it has usually 3 to 6 outputs which make the modification complicated.


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