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Should I Charge Higher Fees For Replacing Only A Bad Capacitor?

By on April 30, 2013

What is your opinion about the question “Should I Charge Higher Fees For Replacing Only A Bad Capacitor?”. I have an email from a repairer that told me he knew of a repair guy who charged US250.00 for just replacing a cap. He asked me if the repairer had  overchaged his customer. I told him there are many factors involve such as:

1) Type of  equipment he was repairing. A high end equipment will definitely have to charge higher.

2) Agreement between the repairer and the customer. If the customer already agreed with the charge (regarless of what type of components replaced) then there will be no dispute.

3) How long one could detect the bad component. Some goes by hours. Longer hours to find the culprit means the customer have to pay higher biil.

There a was case of my repair friend that charged USD650 for replacing an e-cap on a mainboard for Airport tower control. I have not seen such board but he told me the board have high density of components and he used a Digital oscilloscope to locate the bad e-caps.

For your information it was not easy to troubleshoot such board  and when he could repaired the board the company have no problem in paying him the repair fee.

You can always set the term and conditions before charging the customer. You can use the above 3 points for your reference.


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