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Test Tweezers For SMD Devices

By on September 23, 2008

Do you know that it is very difficult for us to test SMD devices with the big test probes that we had in our mutimeter? Electronix dot com is offering the Test tweezers for SMD devices where you connect it into your multimeter, digital capacitance tester and etc to test out all the tiny SMD devices easily. You can test it on board (if you have the experience) or you remove it to test it off board. The price is only USD6.99 and i guess it worth the investment if you involve a lot in Motherboard repair or if your daily routine deals with SMD components.

smart tweezers

Since i already have the Smart Tweezers test equipment so i would not buy it. If you haven’t got any of this test tweezers then click on the picture to visit the website and order one. If you are from Australia you may Click here to visit the website that sell Test tweezers.


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