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Testimonial By Former Student

By on July 11, 2012

I've got a testimonial from one of my students that had attended my repair course recently. He is also an ERG member:


    Mr Jestine Yong

 Well it is a great honour of being given a chance to be one of your students because you are really great not in the sense of a businessman but a great teacher. I have seen a lot of businessman and many more bosses around the Malaysia and even in Singapore but not like you alone. You have proven to be a honourable man because your education and teachings brings up my  carrier too. Not only me but to those all who follows on your track, too manys to say ……….I believe if i have got a chance to come up to be a businessman in my live again, i will definately do something for you. Why i have to say this because, in this world there could be hardly we can see anyone who is willing to share their education nor wealth but sir you have proven. Well i'm really glad to view your message because i feel that my skills and knowledge is growing. Have a nice day.

Thank you

Your Sincerely,




By the way thanks also to those who have commented on the previous post about 3Com power supply repair-really appreciate that!


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