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The First Graduate Is from Malta

By on April 30, 2013


Congratulation to Mario Grech from Malta for passing the exam with the grade- “Good”. The photo is the real certificate for Mario Grech and we already sent the certificate. For your information there are many fake or self made certificate where the participants did not even take any test at all. This means they bought the certificate without having to take any test. This is different from us because one has to know or have studied the recommendation materials in order to sit for the test. Those who have passed the exam should encourage any prospective employers to verify from the link below indeed that you have sat for the exam. This means there is no cheating involved.  The employers could even email us to check from us.


Just today only I did received many emails telling me that they are now preparing for the exam. They told me that they will be studying the materials (hard work involved) and will be sitting the exam soon. My sincere hope is to see your name listed in the website and making yourself proud that you have gained something from your own hard work. Wishing you all ther best.


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