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Top 5 Repairing & Maintenance Tips For Your Precious Electronic Gadgets

By on January 12, 2013

Adopting a casual approach towards the maintenance of household electronic appliances can turn out to be fatal. The advanced electrical gadgets have, undoubtedly, made our lives a whole lot easier, but we can neglect their maintenance requirements at our own peril. Indeed, electrical fires and short circuits feature among the most common domestic accidents, all over the globe. Over here, we will be presenting five of the most important maintenance and repairing tips for electronic gadgets:

  • Make sure that the electrical insulation is working fine – Electrical wires and circuits are typically subjected to extremely elevated temperatures, during their course of operations that, in turn, can lead the insulation systems to get worn out over time. You can use efficient heat shrink tubing tools, to minimize all such risks.
  • Never neglect apparently small frays in the wires and cables – A wire has become frayed, but the gadget connected to it is still working fine – so should you be worried about the problem? Of course you should! Apparently small electrical problems can assume serious proportions, if left unattended for too long. Hire the services of a qualified electrician, for regularly checking the overall efficiency of the electrical set-up at your house.
  • Use cable ties and wire markers – Have piles of messy, cluttered wires at your home? An accidental fire is probably only a matter of time! You need to properly segregate and organize the electric cords, with the help of the highly durable cable ties. Rule out the chances of probable confusions about the functions of the different wires and cables as well, by labelling them with permanent wire markers. Detecting defects, and fixing the same, would also become a whole lot easier.
  • Do not place excessive load on the electrical circuits – Powering your television, mixer, refrigerator and microwave from the same electric point might initially seem to be a really convenient idea – but it is fraught with potentially serious risks. The chances of short circuits increase manifold, when such excess load is exerted on any electrical plug/socket, compromising both your life and your valuable gadgets. Have different points for operating these household appliances. Using multi-plugs is also considered to be advisable. Make sure that the circuit breakers in your house are in fine working condition.
  • Have Proper Earthing At Home – Stay prepared for contingencies like heavy thunderstorm by installing a stable, lasting earthing system for your home. That will help the electric charge carried by the lightning, to be routed directly to the ground, instead of damaging your electrical gadgets. Get in touch with a local electrician to know more about the exact type of earthing that you require for your home.

Do not ever try to repair electrical cables and wires on your own – unless you are an established electrician yourself. Apparently simple tasks, like the installation of a heat shrink tubing, can go awry if they are not handled with due expertise. Take good care of your valuable electrical appliances – they are indeed worth the money you had spent on them!

Note: This is a guest post by John Smith. 



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