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Using Analogue or Digital Meter?

By on April 15, 2008

Well, it depends on what the thing that you want to measure. As for me I’m using digital meter to test on voltage, current and resistance. However if i want to measure a voltage that is flicking or kicking up fast from the zero point then i will use analogue multimeter. If you use a digital meter, it will not be fast enough for digital meter to record or capture the reading thus ending up no information gathered for further troubleshooting purposes.

testing meter

I ‘m using analogue meter when i want to test on relay, transistors, coil resistance, continuity, switch, diode, optoisolator and etc. It’s your preference and there is no specific rule that you must follow my methods of choice to test electronic components. If you have a branded or special¬†meter that can accurately test a certain components (be it a digital or analogue multimeter) just use it as you yourself can tell the different between the two meters.


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