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Belkin Car USB Charger Repaired

By on November 16, 2019
usb charger repaired













The advantages of having someone within the family, who knows and “has interest” in electrical/electronic service, is always a boon! My son, though a qualified electronic engineer himself, always makes sure that the benefit available is made use of!

belkin usb charger repair

And that’s how he remembered to bring this Car USB charger to me, to ‘feed’ me another ‘prey’, as he appreciates and supports my ‘passion!’ The complaint was it was intermittent and sometimes it goes off. I took it up for repair after a few weeks, when my other pressing work got over!

In order to open this, we need to carefully pry open the USB socket side, make enough gaps, then press down the negative contacts on the side, and slide the board out. As you will notice from the pictures, the USB sockets are mounted on a small PCB, which is fixed in a slot and soldered on to the main PCB, horizontally.

usb charger components

After doing a dry solder patch up, which was very prominent on the board, and replacing the only one through hole mounted electrolytic capacitor, I reconnected the inductor coil, which had come off, in my attempts to remove the PCB, I applied power and found the charger to be working!

Here are a few more pictures for those who might find it interesting:

how to repair usb charger


how to fix usb charger


The work was over within a few minutes and that’s what deflated my thrill, though ‘satisfaction’ did not hesitate to jump into the bag!

how to fix and repair usb charger

My son posted a ‘thumbs up’ icon in whatsapp, when I posted the above picture in our family group!

This article was prepared for you by Parasuraman Subramanian from India. He is 69 years old and has more than 30 years’ experience in handling antique equipment like Valve Radio, Amps, Reel Tape Recorders and currently studying latest tech-classes conducted by Kerala State Electronics Technicians’ Association. He has done graduation in BBA degree, private diploma in Radio Engineering and retired as MD of a USA company. Presently working as Consultant to Hospital and other institutions.

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  1. Albert van Bemmelen

    November 16, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    It is a very decent looking USB charger from Belkin. And the blue USB port led lights are a handy plus! It is modern power converting technology in a nicely designed carplug. And the good detailed photos will prove to be usefull when we find another defect car charger too!

    • Albert van Bemmelen

      November 18, 2019 at 4:52 am

      PS: The datasheet of the AD85063 is easily found and complete but do you know what function chip IC U1 is? (the smd code marking of that chip is sadly hardly readable).

      • abdellah kamli

        November 19, 2019 at 3:57 am

        Hi Albert,as you mentioned the AD85063D datasheet is easily available online. It's a less greedy chip carrying minimal compocomponents around (as you could notice by the datasheet) since not having external resistors like the chip MC34063. So the black circuit is probably a mistake and I guess the chip U1 has no link with the article.
        Best wishes

        • Albert van Bemmelen

          November 19, 2019 at 4:46 pm

          Thanks Abdellah, I was wondering about that after I read your previous post below about the AD85063D. But U1 could be an over-current or over-voltage protector like used on those small USB 5V Lithium ion charger boards? Maybe dear Parasuraman can shed a light on this question? Best wishes to you too!

  2. Patrick Ribbsäter

    November 16, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    very good. thank you!

  3. Gassan

    November 16, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Well done!

  4. Robert Calk Jr.

    November 17, 2019 at 4:36 am

    Good job, Parasuraman!

  5. Abhinav Chaitanya

    November 17, 2019 at 11:56 am


    I have a doubt, can somebody throw some light on it. I have a Lenovo A690 mobile which came with a charger
    Brand: Lenovo
    input: AC 100-240V 50/60Khz 0.15A
    output: DC 5V 700mA
    The company says use the same charger always.

    I noticed that when I used another charger of brand Redmi with output DC 5V 2A, the performance of the battery differed i.e. the battery drain was faster than while using the original Lenovo charger.

    Can somebody explain this behaviour? This means when I use the car charger similar problem could occur.

    • Albert van Bemmelen

      November 17, 2019 at 4:56 pm

      I do not know about that type of Lenovo but know about the special 3 wire communicating power adapters from Dell and others that communicate through an extra resistor in the adapter with the Laptop mainboard. Why universal adapters fail to work as the original charger/adapter would. And I know that Lenovo laptops work badly without battery pack inserted causing video player problems when watching a movie or videoclip (like pixel blocks on my Lenovo Thinkpad 430S). Only with the battery inserted playing back videos works without any problem.

  6. abdellah kamli

    November 18, 2019 at 4:21 am

    Hi Abhinav,
    Changing time depends on battery capacity and is controlled by the law Q=I*T where Q is capacity,I current and T time. Your Lenovo A690 mobile phone has 1500mAh battery capacity,by changing under Lenovo charger with its 700mA current the time is T=Q/I=1500/700 so T=2,14h,while with Redmi charger which delivers 2000mA the changing time will be shortest T=1500/2000=3/4=0,75h(45min).
    Be aware the performance of the fastest Redmi charger is offered at the expense of the battery life,because the excessif changing current results in a heat damaging the battery. However, the battery capacity represents in itself a threshold for the charging current bywhich the battery charges under its own way and Without constraint.
    If you need to use a car battery check if its output current is lower than the capacity 1500mAh.
    Hope my answer is useful.

  7. abdellah kamli

    November 18, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    A magnificent car USB charger repaired ofwhich the circuit is built around the chip AD85063D that requires minimum components and even the power indicator has no resistor limiting current that's already inside the chip.Compared to the similar converter MC34063 having more application modes,it really looks nicely designed and practical.Thank you for sharing this informative repair experience.
    Best regards


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