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Capacitor Type In LCD Monitor Inverter

By on June 22, 2013

I replaced the 2 NPNC5706 transistors because of shorted COLLECTOR and EMITTER leads.   But everywhere i look for these white rectangle caps i find no data available for this item.   I do not know the values of these 2 little buggers, so therefore i do not know how to test them.   Just below them is another set of the same things for the other inverter transformer. Maybe you can give me some insight on them, or perhaps a replacement cap.


This is a .1 uf 100 volt non polar metalized polyester film cap and can get from any electronics shop. You can test it with your digital capacitor meter. You can even use the Blue ESR meter to check on the value. It should show about 15 ESR ohm. A bad capacitor should have reading  more than 15 ESR ohm.




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