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Electronic Repair Questions/Answers & Testimonials Part 19

By on October 27, 2008



I have purchased your LCD Monitor Repair e-book and must say it is best repair book on LCD monitors I have read.  I have currently repaired 2 monitors and now working on a third……..

Thank you,





Hi Jestine,


Wow, I really can’t imagine how busy you are in a day.


Because you have to write your ebooks, conduct courses, doing repairing, answering customers emails and lots more. To me you are a man who really knows how to made full use of your precious time.


I presume that 24 hours a day is really not enough for you le…


I really admire you. You are very talented man.


I consider I am really very lucky to know you.


Thank you.




Hi R,
Thanks. I’m just a normal person that does not want to waste time doing unnecessary things. Once the time has gone, there is no way we could gain it back thus i have to fully utilize it. Yes sometimes i did though about it, is it enough for me 24 hours a day? Well, proper management/planning and commitment that will make you through. Do something that you like and you would not felt it is a waste of time. Have a great day!

Best regards,
Jestine Yong



hi mr.yong i am a bit confused so i want help from u about how to test all electronics component and 2 find fault in all boards to repair it 4 (eg) whether it should be TV,MONITER,MOTHER BOARD,LCD TV &MONITER,PLASMATV,SMPS i mean all thing so which books should i refer to become a good technician and also what will be the cost of all books.


Hi S,
Don’t confuse first. Get testing electronic components ebook first. Once you are strong in testing electronic components in fact you can start to repair on other electronic equipment. I own these ebooks -USD37.00

and– Usd 47.77

As for the LCD TV and Plasma TV repair websites it was belong to my repair friend Mr Kent. You can email him at fastrepairguide(at) If you have other questions please do email me again.




mr yong,

thank you so much for sending me free report ,its really gave me more of knowledge in electronics. and i do read your blog always ,its really very informative,esp on how to test electronic components.keep it up mr yong ,you had helped many people including me.




Hi… mr.jestine
sewaktu saya memperbaiki monitor LG studio work E700B,dan mendapati terjadi kerusakan pada transistor horizontal C5803. tetapi saya mengalami kesulitan untuk mendapatkan penggantinya. di internetpun saya tidak mendapati data persamaannya. mohn mr.jestine bisa memberitahu saya data persamaan C5803. dan pernah saya coba ganti dengan D5072, tapi terlalu cepat panas sehingga saya cabut kembali. sukses selalu buat anda.
thanks for yours news letter  


Hi Andri,

Coba C5411.




My name is aung. I am working in singapore .Iam interested in electronic. Recently i got L.G laptop there is monitor 15.4″.this is i buy since 2006 sept. Now monitor screen got some vertical dotdat line come out from left side corner and another two line is mid of the screen. That i want to know what is possible false and some tell me back light problem…my one is backlight is one only. don’t have top and bottom backlight….                                                                                                                                     Sincerely  Aung


Hi Aung,
From experience, your case seems like the fault in the LCD panel. There is no way to fix this vertical lines problem. For your information, backlight would not cause vertical lines, it can only cause screen dim.


I’m looking for a component which is to replace for my LCD.The component was 5L0565R, where can i get this kind of component within KL / Malaysia?Actually im not sure is that the only problem for my LCD. According to my friend which is electronic engineering graduate, he told me that i need to replace the components to make my LCD go life. Hope can get your reply soon. Thx.


Hi Raymond,
This power ic could cause no power problem but unfortunately i could not get this ic even from my electronic suppliers-sorry.

Hi Jestine,

Surprisingly can get the reply and thoudsand thanks,i thought probably will directly go to the recycle bin. Anyway thanks and atleast let me know that is call “power ic”. So far any other component can make a substitute for the “power ic”.



Hi Raymond,
The best is to use back the original number. POWER IC rarely has substitution unless you talk about transistor.


FSDM0565R – Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) – Fairchild Semiconductor

How do you test one of these power chips?


Hi Danny,
The best is to test the output waveform with an oscilloscope. Check also the input voltage.


I have a Sencore Super Cricket transistor testor and a Peak Atlas DCA. Can I test the 6 pin chip I sent you the datasheet on to test these? Any special way to attach the connectors to the pins? 


Hi Danny,

Ic can’t be test with meter as inside contains lots of electronic components. In some heavy shorted IC, Yes you can compare the resistance with a good ic.


Hi jestineyong


Can you help me. I am repair LCD Monitor YULDAI Delus Scan LM1500A model HLM 1500A .

I don’t know how to repair it. where is point to repair it. I have a picture attach a file


Thank you




Hi S.G,
The verticle line problems is in the LCD panel and not in the mainboard.



Hi Mr Jestine, I have a two question; 1) Where can I buy the circuit boards that go into, for example a Gateway FPD 1975W?    2) it there a cross reference for circuit boards…. For example the Gateway FPD 1975W would have the same circuit boards as Brand X, Y,  or ?????

Sorry Peter, i have no information about the gateway lcd Monitor parts. My country used to have the gateway factory but already closed down.



Hi Allan,


Here is your questions and answers:

i really love reading your site and of course your blog.

Thanks for the support.

i am so happy that despite of your being busy with your business, you were still able to share to us your knowledge and experience in repairing electronics.

That’s my passion too of sharing.

when i saw those pictures and video of your school, there’s something i would like to do again… to study… in your school.

It was not a school. In fact it is my office where i partition it to make it into a technical room.

may i know from you how much you cost per student? and how long it takes before i complete the course.

You may visit for more information

i am outside you accept foreign student?

Yes i do accept foreign students but there are many procedures to be made before you could come to attend.

Best regards,
Jestine Yong



Good news Jestine! When I came to work this morning the monitor can still display all the resolutions. I try to power off/on few times and retest everything again and so far it never played up yet. Its been almost 3 days and I’m confident that  the zener fixed the problem. I traced the schematic on the part where the zener is connected and its clear that this zener is the reference for the 5V regulator. What I don’t know is that before I replaced this zener, I measured the voltage across it and it measure 5.7v with and with no display, so the zener should have been working.


Once again many thanks for your helped.


Best Regards,



Hi N,
Glad that you have solved the problem and thanks for the pdf explanation too. Why not keep this zener diode and test it with the zener diode tester-hope it could test out the fault.


hello sir,

         Thanx for the reply. I have been checked the panel, I change the strips of LCD Panel and Clean the board with thinner, But the problem is still. Actually I don’t know about panel faults that which area is defected. Please send me an article with pictures, who can I undenstand easily. It is not necessary that this should be EIZO Brand.

I have been took this LCD in the market to repair, but they said, this fault can’t be repair. After this I mailed you because I understand that you can tell me a solution for this fault.

         So, If you have a knowledge about this problem then tell me exact fault in panel.

 I Shall be thankful to you for this favor.

I am waiting for your reply.




Hi T.M,
Those vertical lines are caused by defective lcd driver IC or the lcd controller fault in the lcd panel. Our solder gun can’t be use to replace such ic. It will melt the whole package. If this lcd monitor comes to my workplace, i will send it back to customer or buy over from customer to salvage other parts because at current moment there is no solution for vertical lines problem.



hello, mr jastine i recived ur mail so to give the information of video power supply the diodes r IT5 n red z-diode is 22v n the yellow z-diode is 4.3v two starer resister is 27mohms n other in22ohms near the trasfomer is 39ohms n two poly caps 0.01k 630mkt ,one brown is 223j two paper capci 47nf 275v ,2w2r7j and the green elecr-capaci is 10uf 35v n on the right side of power ic is 1uf 63v n left is 33uf 63v before filter capci-there r 3 resister 2 r of 33kohms n one is 0.68ohms between filter capaci- n trasformer is a diode in4007 the filter capaci-is of 400v 82uf so these all the components r in primery opto coupler is nec2561 wf440 n power ic is ice280565 0418LOP XK431002K03 INSECONDERY THERE IC TRASISTER SE55 SHS 4G26 so u ask me did i get current in vcc no i cant get current in power ic n opto coupler n not in trans fromer in seconry so pls if u can find any solution pls let me know thanks n take care waiting for ur reply

Try remove the transformer and Power IC and POWER ON. Recheck again the supply to the vcc pin. If the vcc have supply then the fault is in the power IC.



Hi James,

I recently purchased your ebook, Testing electronic Components.  It’s a good refresher course for me.

Thanks for the support!

I ran my own TV Repair for 15 years until 1998 when I had to attend other business.  But I am now wanting to get back into the repair business and start my own shop once again, and I need some help with all the things that have changed in the last 10 years, etc.

That was  a good move my friend- hats off to you for so many years you already in this repair line.

I think your LCD, and Plasma Repair guides are going to become quite handy in the near future.

For your information i only own the LCD Monitor repair ebook and not the lcd tv and plasma tv repair websites. Both websites are belong to my repair friend Mr Kent. You may email him at fastrepairguide(at) want to get more info about the websites information.

Just wanted to thank you for the service you are providing to those of us who live and love to fix electronic devices.

No problem!

It is apparent that you are warmly dedicated to your craft and to helping others develop their abilities as well.  That is a most admirable position.  And you have thought out and designed your websites in a very professional manner that quickly shows you are serious and detailed about what you are offering.

Thanks for your compliment!


If I might ask you one question at this point:  I have the means to afford a used Sencore LC103, but I am wondering; even at a used cost of around $1000 would I perhaps be just as well off with my EDS 88A ESR checker, along with my Fluke multimeter that does a good job on capacitance value, and maybe just purchase the “Blue Ringer” for the larger coils and transformers?  Since I already have all but the Blue Ringer, how might these three stack up in performance and cost comparison wise to the Sencore LC103 capacitor inductor analyzer for overall troubleshooting and testing of capacitors and inductors?  Please feel free to email me with your response!

If you can afford the sencore lc103 then go ahead with the purchase as it has all the capabilities to test out any kind of capacitors and inductors of wider range of value compare to the eds esr meter and the blue ring tester. EDS could only perform on e-caps while the sencore can test many types of caps and maximum capacitance value it can go is up to 20 farad!


Thanks for your very fine dedication to excellence,

You are welcome!

Best Regards,
Jestine Yong


Hi Charles,


You are very warm and sincere communicator and work hard to support all persons who are passion for lean repair electronic.It is my honor to meet you in internet.


You are welcome!


I love electrical repair and electronics too.

I had completed electrical courses and passed electrical license “A” about 1957.

During that time, there was not much products made with electronic components. 

Therefor I am not familiar with electronic components. When I was living in New Zealand, I toke a courses of INCSC (Business Computing) in 1992, leaned knowledge of Programming, System design and Data management systems, etc., without hardware repair courses.


Nice to know about your background. It seems that you started electrical/electronics on that era that i wasn’t born yet-


I have a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 713N LCD monitor which is working fine at beginning of turning on, but bland out screen after two minute and warning messages: “not optimum mode recommended mode 1280 x 1024/60 MHz”.  Althought I changed my graphic card out put to 1280 x 1024/60 MHz, the problem still happen.

As you say to lean fishing is better then buy fish, there for I think about leaning repair myself.


This is the famous problem in Samsung LCD Monitors. It was the MCU fault and you need to get a new mainboard or reprogram the MCU with a programmer. Since i do not have the programmer, i replaced the mainboard. I have replaced lots of this mainboard.


But nowadays to buy a new monitor is very cheap even 24” Dell LCD monitor about AUD300 with three years warranty after two or three years resale it could be more then AUD100 back. I am still wondering whether I have ability to repair any LCD monitor or LCD TV after I order your e-Books and it is worth to repair them in these few days.


There is no 100% in succesful rate of repairing lcd monitor (like lcd panel and main board faults) but at least this ebook will give you some ideas on how to tackle lcd monitors fault for many different brand. Problems like  no power, display dim, display shutdown and etc are covered in my ebook. I always tell my students “Once you know the principle you will know the rest”. By the way Charles, I don’t own LCD TV repair website because this website is belong to my repair friend Mr Kent. You can email him at fastrepairguide(at) if you need any information about lcd tv repair.



Hi Sir

I got a Stallion Easyserver II with all lights blinking when switched on.
The main circuit board is Okay only the powersupply board is giving the
problem. Normally the Power indicator only should be on untill cables are
conected to it a and then other lights will start blinking.I checked all
suspected components but can’t seem to identify a defective components. Also
when measuring the out put when not connected to the main board, the
readings are normal:DC;12v,10v,5v,-12v, but when measured values while
connected to the main circuit board the readings are lower, that might cause
the Leds to blink. Or intermittent components,may be?

Please Help……….

Best Regards



Hi Trevor,
Since you said the voltage are lower after the connection to the main board. Then it can either be the mainboard that pulled down the voltage or the power supply itself has problem like bad e-caps in the secondary and the check the feedback circuit too (the optoisolator ic circuit). Check also e-caps in the primary side and you need an ESR meter to do the job. If you have other questions please do email me again. Have a good day!



Hi mr, jestine,


how are you I have ACER711 CRT  monitor  for repair — horizontal output transistor(C5914)short and R 0.33   ohms  open from power supply B+ ( I  replacement them – CRT become ok very good –  but HOT very hot after few second    by  using a FBT tester I check fly back transformer if a primary winding is good or bad ? Only five LED light?? – It means bad FBT??    


A 17″ flyback usually have about 5 to 6 led bar lighted when test with flyback tester. First, did you use an original number? Second-you must make sure the B+ voltage to the HOT did not slowly go up otherwise the HOT will become hot. Third-when has display is the display very good? Fourth-please also check the e-cap in the supply voltage to the horizontal driver transformer.



Hi Jestine,


I like to know whether measuring AC voltage and measuring the same after converting it into DC without transformer is the same reading or not!.



                                                         AC to DC( bridge rectifier )

                                       240V AC  ——————————————–> 240V DC

OR will it be less than that in the AC form.






Hi S,

Measuring ac supply you will get 240 volt ac but after the bridge rectifier with the filter cap of 220uf 400vdc you will get about 300 vdc output and not 240vdc.  



hi jestine, i know that your expert when it comes to SMPS circuit, i need your help, i have here my Epson stylus c43sx, the problem is NO Power Led indicator, i think the problem is in the power supply, i don’t have any idea about the output of Power Supply of Epson c43sx, hope you can help me, thanks… godbless


Hi Jonathan,

LED no light does not mean the power supply have problem. It could be the mainboard too. Check all the output voltages with your meter and if there is voltage then suspect a bad main board. If you have zero volt then suspect a bad power supply. Hope this helps!  



Hi B,

Glad to receive your zener tester project in last month newsletter, I haven’t assembled the parts, but let me ask a question: When testing small non-polar capacitor, what reading should I get if the capacitor is OK? I am still ambiguous about your explanation in the newsletter.

No reading at all.

About the repaired BenQ FP93V 19″ LCD Monitor, what is the wattage of the 0.22 Ohm current sense resistor? Is there 1% tolerance resistor for this ohm value of resistor?

You can use a 2 watt resistor with 5% tolerance.

If there is what kind of resistor is that? Because I have metal oxide one with 5% tolerance, but when checked with meter it shows 0.27 Ohm, already more than 5% tolerance! Is it still ok if I use this resistor in your repairing the BenQ monitor?

Normal meter will usually show higher ohm, use blue esr meter that can check low ohm resistor.

Regarding the 2A main fuse, what kind of fuse should be used? ( fast acting, slow blow, normal blow, quick acting, time delay, time lag, etc). So many type of fuses make me really confused.

Just use a simple slow blow fuse will do

About voltage testing on the output pin of the HV transformer in your e-book, you say that just leave the black probe no need to connect to cold ground, what if I forget and place the black probe to cold ground, what would happen with it?

You will still get the same reading-if i’m not mistaken. Don’t worry nothing will happen to the meter.

Where in the net could I see the diffrent kinds of parts packaging for IC, transistor, and diode including SMD type? I think all the ERG members should know about this, like for example when we buy some parts online but don’t pay attention to the package type, this kind of mistake should not happen, right? Because the manufacturer often provide us some packages to choose. Whenever I surf for component datasheet, the datasheet doesn’t always mention  about  the part  packaging and  I still don’t have the part reference guide book.

It is difficult to see from online, you have to email the owner to be certain that it met your requirement.

Since getting  parts generally hard enough for everyone because the parts supplier doesn’t also focus say for example monitor stuff, would you consider providing your member the required parts in the future? I think it will help your company in making money, doesn’t it?

Not really-in fact i had stopped selling monitor parts online two years ago. The reason was most of the order was one item and you need to drive to center of town to get the part. Pack it and courier it. The time involvement was too great and at the end make it was not profitable. I can’t keep all the monitor parts too due to the model phase out was very fast. I prefer to sell meters because it won’t go obsolete and of course the margin is higher than selling a single ic or transistor.

Thank you for your time in helping me to become a professional.

No problem!

Best regards,
Jestine Yong


Hi. I build a Powerful Zener Diode Tester, that you send is to me, I test a zener diode voltages, I.C voltage regulator every thing looking good. But only one part that I can not check. Parts number is AN7912T

Negative -12 regulator. Here is the way I ckeck. At fist I put the red prope to pin 2 input and black probe to pin 1 ground, and I check the output pin 3. the voltage come out from the pin 3 output is 1.5 volts? I think the I.C is bad, and I check another one. The result still the same. Pin 3 output is 1.5 volts? Do you have any idea?


Hi Bobby,
AN7912 need negative voltage to run. The Zener diode tester has positive output thus it can’t really test the voltage regulator.



jestine you help me a lot on my work lately i just finished repair a
computer monitor iam so happy that can now repair a computer monitor!
tnx for the knowledge more power on you in your web! bye!: )





Hi  T,


Here is your questions and answers:

Thanx very much for the tips you’ve e-amiled to me, it help so much.

You are welcome!

I have another problem, I have an ASUS 17″ LCD that has thin white lines
appearing horizontally across the top of the screen. I checked the Circuit
board and found some cold solder and did dry soldering and tested, the
problem still persist. There’s no visiual sign of damage components. Checked
suspected transistors at the invertor section and it seem to be OK, also at
the primary and secondary section of the powersupply tested fine. Is it the
PCB or the Backlight problem. Please help.

It is the lcd panel fault most probably a defective lcd driver ic. There is no way to replace it as it built into the TCP package.



Hi K,

Here are your questions and answers:

Can you show me or does you ebook show me how to set up a workshop for repairing LCD monitors.

To repair LCD Monitor, a normal 2 1/2 feet x 5 to 6 feet table will do.

What are all the tools I need?

Analog/digital meters,
digital capacitance meter
blue esr meter
blue ring tester and if you have the budget get a scope too.

What you all the best testing tools I need?

All the meters mentioned above because different meters have different testing capabilities.

In one of you articles you said that it cost about $5 to repair some lcd monitors.

Yes especially replacing only the transistors ad capacitors. Some repair have zero cost because the problem is only dry joints.

What would it cost on average to repair  lcd montors?

Depends on the problems and models of lcd monitor.

Ok,Suppose  I need to get parts to repair the lcd monitors,where can I get them and is that the best price I can get them at?

Try visit my blog for the list of electronic suppliers at

I am looking to add this  service to my Computer cleaning services, but I need to know if it would be worth it to add the sevice. No one or no company repair Lcd monitors where I live.
It is good to have extra service for customers. You got a beautiful country.

OK here is situation: 3 university students are having LCD montor problem,one of them s a laptop.

1.the laptop lcd,with your book, will I be able to repair laptoplcd screens?

Only till the level of the backlight, lcd panel (replacement) and inverter board because LCD Monitors working on the same pinciple. It does not cover the laptop mainboard and power supply.

2.Student do not have much nmoney,What would be the right price be to charge them. Flat rate, yes ,no,what?Explain

Normally i would charge flat rate because there will no confirmatin needed. That means it save your time no need to wait for them to ask you to proceed.  If you can repair the lcd monitor say you charge USD 40.00 and if you can’t repair it- free of charge.

3. I need to make a work area or shop to repair theses, how should it be setup?

A normal table will do-It does not need any big space.

4.Is there most common problem that will cost under $20 to repair lcd monitors?

As mentioned above, many times the lcd monitors have dry joints problem and zero cost. I buy your course and I get good at it, how to I get certified  so I can show or prove my training? companies might want see to let me know that they are dealing with a professional

This is an ebook and not an online course thus i can’t issue any certify cert for you unless you had come to my place for the actual training.

6. Ok lets say i bought your couse, now I want to practise.Where can I purchase non working lcd monitors?

Good questions-you can buy it from ebay (there’s alot in ebay) and you can buy over from computer shops. Let the computer dealers know that you are offering good price for the used units.   

Sorry I know we had this talk before be I need all this info again.

No problem

AND please give me any other info I need to know before i jump in to the LCD repair business.

Visit my blog regularly and read all the previous post about electronic repair and you will grasp hold of the electronic repair work in less time.

Have a good day!

Best regards,
Jestine Yong



Hi T,


Here are your questions and answers:

Hi Jestine how are you?

I’m fine thank you.

I found your site some days ago,and I read some of the reports of your repair advice.And I am on the way to get your E-book.

Thanks for the support

For today I am going to ask you a question.

A neighbour of me asked me to repair his Toshiba made video cassette player with model number:VCP-C8.

Fault:No picture,set running

Could you hear the audio voice? If there is audio and no picture, 90% of the problem is that the head need cleaning.




Hello Jestine,I have purchased your Electronic Repair Guide this year.I am trying to repair a Princeton VL1919 LCD Monitor without much success.At first there was no display.Changing the electrolytic the power supply section solved that problem,but every

time you depress the menu button the image shifts to the right and one/third of the screen (on the left side) stays black.In addition

you cannot shut the monitor off with the power button.You must unplug the cord from the wall and the full screen image will come back on. I would appreciate any help you can give me at this point. Thank you so much,John Nemeth


Hi John,
I guess the problem could be in the main baord. First make sure all of the voltages are going to the respective ic in the mainboard from the voltage regulator ICs. If all of the voltages tested good then it could be either the eeprom  IC data had corrupted or a bad MCU. If you have the same board you may still compare the eeprom ic but not the MCU as there is no spare part for it. Check also the frequency of the crystal and make sure the value is according to the frequency printed on the crystal.




I have an audio amplifier (SHILE_AV 2011E),when i turn it on the two fuse breaks.I dont know if the four NPN transistors are damaged.where can i found the problem?



If the fuse break then this mean it could be something shorted in the amplifier. Try check all semiconductor like the transistor or you can remove the transistor and put in the fuse to see if the fuse will break again or not. If not then you will know the cause of the problem is in the transistor.


Dear Sir,
I Have a samsung le015/ 17″CRT monitor which contrast is too low with bluish display please give me a some tips.
Thanking You
Your Regards



It could be a bad picture tube (samsung famous for picture tube problem). Check also the heater voltage, g1 and g2 voltage at the crt board.



I found an open SMD fuse, light green in color with and S on top. How do you identify the voltage and amps with so little information? 



Hi H,
This is the most frustrating part as manufacturers gave us hard time in finding the exact value. If the fuse is in the inverter board just put a 2 to 3 amp fuse (from experience) will do.



Hi Jestine,I have a 4 lamp DC to AC inverter board model HJP44040L from a X2GEN MW22U 22″ LCD Monitor that has a shorted secondary winding on T2, T1 is OK.The printed numbers on the transformer are EEL19065T-C1-0645.It has seven connections on the primary side and two on the secondary side.I have tried all over the internet without any luck to find the transformer.Do you know of any source for this transformer.The X2GEN company is out of business so no help there.Thank you, John Nemeth

Hi John,

Try email lavinci luca at

Hi, I need to know how can I get replacement guides for TV flyback; I’ve already got one but the info about zenith fly’s is too poor so I need a more complete manual.

In case you want help me, the fly I’m looking for has the reference 95-4203: what would be the best equivalence for this fly? For your time and help thanks a lot!


Hi J,


Its sad when you have the datasheets all over the internet but cant buy the part. Do you know what will work in place of this FET?


Hi D,
FET have to be replace with another FET with the same or higher specification.






  1. Zaki

    November 13, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Hi… mr.jestine
    Saya memperbaiki monitor GTC dan mendapati terjadi kerusakan pada transistor type C5390. tetapi saya mengalami kesulitan untuk mendapatkan penggantinya. di internetpun saya tidak mendapati data persamaannya. mohn mr.jestine bisa memberitahu saya data persamaan C5390. sukses selalu buat anda.
    thanks for yours news letter

  2. admin

    November 14, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    Hi Zaki,

    Sekira saya tidak dapat cari nombor asal HOT, saya akan guna C5411 or C5047 sebagai pengganti. Pastikan tiada kerosakan pada bahagian high voltage, sekiranya tidak nombor HOT original pun boleh mengalami rosakan lagi.


  3. anthonius

    April 26, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Hi. Mr Jestine
    Saya mempunyai Monitor GTC seri HD 786G 17", Power On tetapi tidak ada tampilan, mohon solusinya, thanks

  4. admin

    April 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Hi Anthonius,

    Untuk mendapatkan gambar, anda harus pastikan bahawa Flyback mempunyai B+ voltage dan juga horizontal output transistor HOT mesti mempunyai waveform ke kaki base.


  5. waeem kureshi

    November 8, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    we want to knowledge about repairing of display pannel and its mother board programming.

    and also know about resetting and configuration of dvd player china made.
    pannel no. VE888

  6. admin

    November 8, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Waeem,

    Sorry, no information on that.


  7. Rabiul

    November 27, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    Hi Jestine,
    I've purchased Toshiba Plasma 42" (WP66E) on 2007, last month(Oct '09) its suddenly blackout. I try 2 restart.. but only voice comin put, no picture at all. Sent to nearby technician, he said its originate frm the 'Movie Card' which will cost me RM1100 (original parts). I wonder if i can get the part cheaper by myself. Can u pls advise.. thx very much..

  8. admin

    November 28, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Rabiul,

    Since i do not repair plasma Tv thus i do not have information about the spare parts-sorry.


  9. John Marko

    May 30, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    HI Jestine,
    I read all the posts but did not find answer to my problem.
    Regarding X2gen MW22U LCD Monitor (company out of business)
    No back light unless I turn on monitor and let warm up for 20 minutes.
    Than turn monitor off and back on. Now it works. What do you suggest is my problem?
    Thank you:

  10. admin

    May 31, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    HI John,

    First, is all the output voltages good and stable? If yes, then what voltage did you get at the supply pin of inverter IC when you first turn on the Monitor?


  11. John Marko

    June 4, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    Regarding your reply:(First, is all the output voltages good and stable? If yes, then what voltage did you get at the supply pin of inverter IC when you first turn on the Monitor?)
    I did not check output voltages, I do not have your book and I do not have a schematic. So cannot get inside monitor.
    John Marko

  12. akram

    December 11, 2012 at 2:23 am

    Hi Jestine,
    I have a Samsung CRT tv. The problem is no display on screen, I check the supply on secondary part there is no any single voltage.Tq.

    • Jestine Yong

      December 11, 2012 at 6:39 am

      Hi Akram,

      Is there high voltage?

  13. akram

    December 11, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    no any high voltage. I suspect this component not in good condition KA5Q1265RF. 

    • Jestine Yong

      December 12, 2012 at 7:11 am

      Hi Akram,

      Try try replace it. in order to have high voltage the flyback must need a B+ voltage and the HOT base must have a square wave.


  14. akram

    December 18, 2012 at 4:05 am

    Hi Jestine,
    I already change the IC but still got no voltage on primary of swtiching transformer.

    • Jestine Yong

      December 18, 2012 at 5:58 am

      HI Akram,

      What is the ic part number and what is the supply voltage to the ic? Have you checked all the components in the primary side? Check also for shorted secondary output diodes.



  15. akram

    December 19, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Hi Jestine,
    IC part no KA5Q1265RF and the input that i hv check on this ic is 11v. 

    • Jestine Yong

      December 20, 2012 at 9:29 pm

      Hi Akram,
      Have you checked all the surrounding components and the secondary output diodes? If all are good I suggest that you try replace again this IC and retest. Sometimes a new IC could gone bad too. I have encountered some similar cases.



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