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By on October 8, 2007

Not long after i  launched my new E-book, I made lots of sales from it. My first buyer was from Australia and here are just some of the countries that i had sold my books to-USA, Japan, Germany, Netherland, Tobago & Trinidad, South Africa, Spain, Malaysia, Philippine, New Zealand, Great Britain and Taiwan. It was beyond my expectation that my book sold so well. I expect more sales to come as many of my subscribers will start working and check their emails tomorrow. It’s good to do online business as it runs for 24 hours a day and without hiring any saleman to do the job! Once you have completely set up everything (automation) you will only need minimal time to handle it.

Thanks for your kind support for those who had bought my book as this really motivates me to give the best in my coming third book. For the buyers, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. If you have any testimony that you want to share kindly email me too. If you are a beginner or just have the passion for electronic, get my book now as it covers lots of testing details and repair tips that can shorten your learning curve.

electronic repair book

By the way, I received an email from a buyer from US and he told me that he was actually downloading my book from a ship at sea. He do electronic repair board on a ship-wow that was the first time i heard about it! Have a good day!


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