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  • Bought The Tweezers Probe

    Bought 2 tweezers probe online and I found it to be good especially when the probes can be easily connected to analog multimeter, Digital Multimeter and Digital Capacitance tester. It is so convenience to test on the...

    • Posted July 19, 2012
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  • Looking For Repair Technicians?

    Once in a while I will get email about asking me if I could find any repair technician to work with them. Sometimes it is not easy to look for electronics repairers and if you advertise in...

    • Posted July 17, 2012
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  • Did you make mistakes when repairing electronic?

    I've got an email from one of my ERG members about "Did you make mistakes when repairing electronic?" and  "During your mistakes your skills improved overtimes?". My answer to him was: Uncountable-Yes I made tons of mistake and I've...

    • Posted July 14, 2012
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  • Video: How To Recone And Repair A Speaker Or Woofer


    • Posted July 13, 2012
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  • Is Not Your Fault……..

    In some very rare repair cases there are electronics problem that can't be solved. You have spent countless of hours trying to find the solution and even have replaced all the boards but the equipment seem like...

    • Posted July 11, 2012
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  • Testimonial By Former Student

    I've got a testimonial from one of my students that had attended my repair course recently. He is also an ERG member:   To,     Mr Jestine Yong  Well it is a great honour of being given...

    • Posted July 11, 2012
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  • No Power In 3Com Baseline Switch 2226 Plus

      One of my customers called me to check if my company does repair service for computer network switch. I told him that we only repair no power problem because the mainboard parts are difficult to get...

    • Posted July 9, 2012
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  • Review of JY6013 Digital Capacitor Tester

    One of the blog readers by the name of Juan already purchased the above tester and found it to be good. You can check on the review HERE. Likes(2)Dislikes(0)

    • Posted July 7, 2012
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